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What to do if you have lead paint on your property?

When testing indicates that lead paint exists inside or outside your home, there are temporary actions you can take to minimize and control the danger to occupants and visitors.

  • Clean up any paint chips right away.
  • Keep play areas for children clean.
  • Do not let children chew on painted chips or surfaces.
  • Clean dust from windowsills and other surfaces daily with a mop, sponge, or paper towels and warm water. Thoroughly rinse off mop heads and sponges following cleaning.
  • Take off your shoes and sneakers when entering the home so as to not track in lead from the outside soil and dirt.
  • If you are a renter, inform your landlord of the test results, as well as the evidence of chipping and peeling paint in the residence.

It can also help immensely if your your children eat healthy. Children who consume good diets absorb less lead.